Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pizza, Again

I've been doing this blog for what, 2 months now? And how many pizzas have I posted? Oh well, what can I say, we love our pizza. I think tonight's was one of the best I've made so far. I topped it with mushroom marinara, pepperoni, oven-dried tomatoes, and parmesan. The pepperoni was nice and crispy, and the tomatoes were so flavorful.

Jackson had seconds...and thirds!

I may not be blogging on a regular schedule for awhile as I've started running again, along with crunches and arm weights and other little things to get in better shape. That takes up about an hour of free time each day now...which doesn't leave a lot of time for writing. I'm still trying to drop five pounds of baby weight...well, more like ten lbs., if you count the five I never dropped after having Jackson! I'm in my brother's wedding next month and I'm tempted to hang up my (strapless) bridesmaid dress in front of my treadmill to inspire me. Anyway, I'll still be keeping up with all your blogs, just not posting my own eats quite so often.


  1. One can never have too much pizza! That's just crazy talk! Have fun with all the exercise! :)

  2. good luck with the work out! the weather is getting nice for running. We too had pizza last night, carmelized onions, tempeh sausage, sweet peppers, broccoli and tomato slices. wowie!

  3. I'm with you on the pizza. We have it about once a it! Actually we will probably have it Friday night. :o)

    I'm with on on the getting back into shape. We just started back to walking this past week. Now I have to work in those crunches and some other exercises!