Monday, September 20, 2010

Mexican Food on the Brain

Hola! Hope you all had a fun weekend. Our days are all mixed up here, because Tony had to work all weekend, and now he's off for most of the week. My scratchy throat from hell still comes and goes, but spicy food is good for the sinuses, right? So last night I made TVP tacos.

I sometimes make tacos from lentils or seitan, but I like TVP best. Tony also prefers it. He says its "ground beef" texture reminds him of eating Taco Bell.

Olivia was very excited at the prospect of eating tacos some day. Or maybe she was just proud of herself for learning to sit up!

The tacos were really good, but I guess they didn't fully satisfy our Mexican craving, because today we woke up and said "Let's go to Mexican Radio!" We've been there once before and even though it's an hour away, in Hudson, we knew we'd return. How can you pass up a Mexican restaurant that offers vegan versions of practically everything on their menu?

I had the Plantain Rellenos, which were outstanding. At first I was like, "plantains are sweet, is this gonna be weird?" No, it's gonna be awesome! You get such a variety of flavors in every bite from the caramelized plantains, roasted vegetables, garlicky salsa and hot jalapeno slices. The rellenos were topped with melted cheese and lime crema, both soy-based.

After lunch, we walked down to a playground overlooking the river and burned off some calories.

I think my cravings are finally under control...for now!

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  1. Plantain Rellenos? Whoaaaaa. I need to find or create a recipe for this