Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tofu Frittata

I keep thinking it's Friday -- that's never a good thing when it's only Thursday! It's been a long week. Tony is working crazy hours right now and we're always glad when the weekend comes.

I couldn't wait for the weekend to try Vegan on the Cheap's Sunday Supper Frittata, with tofu taking the place of eggs in a traditional frittata (which is a fancy name for a baked omelet.) Yeah, we just had tofu yesterday, but that's not unusual for us. We all love it and it's so versatile that we don't mind eating it a couple times a week.

The first time I made tofu was back in college when I prepared Thanksgiving dinner for a couple of friends. We were all too poor to fly home at Thanksgiving and again at Christmas, so we were spending the holiday away from our families and decided that a festive dinner was in order. I made some typical side dishes and then I baked some tofu instead of turkey, since we were all vegetarian. Since I knew NOTHING about cooking at this time, I didn't put anything on the tofu at all. Just baked it and served it in little cubes. Can you say bland? My friends were kind enough to eat it, mushing it around with the sweet potatoes to impart some flavor, but it was still pretty gross.

Lucky for those who eat my cooking now days, my tofu skillz have come a long way.

This frittata doesn't make for a beautiful photo (it looks a bit weird in the lasagna pan, which I used because I didn't have a big enough pie plate), but it tastes great, very breakfast-y and wholesome, with potatoes, spinach, mushrooms, and the eggy tofu on top.

My mom was a big fan of "breakfast for dinner" and, growing up, we seemed to eat omelets or French toast at least once a week at dinner time. However, Tony was not familiar with this tradition until he met me, and he's still a bit wary of it. I'll never catch him eating pancakes past noon, but I've won him over to the frittata. What are your feelings on breakfast foods as an evening meal?


  1. NICE JOB!!! im quite impressed that you started trying out tofu recipes in college.. which i guess means u were on the bandwagon to health right away!
    Now that u mention thanksgiving, this actually looks like something that would be great for a holiday meal :)
    perfect all day, and brunch too! the potatoes mixed in would be soooo tasty!!

    eggs and dinner as well as tofu scrambles for dinner just make sense to me. i havent tried too many breakfast options for dinner.. usually the other way around.. but i think some breakfasts totally work as dinner meals!


  2. This sound really good - I googled the recipe right away. ;) Just one question: did you use silken style tofu, or "regular" firm tofu?

    I'm not a big fan of savoury foods for breakfast (such as tofu scramble), so I just classify them as dinner foods. However, I can be caught eating cereal for dinner every now and then, too. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood for cooking, specially if it's only for myself.

    In my family, pancakes of any kind are also quite common as supper or dessert - maybe even more than as breakfast - and I belive that's the case in many other Scandinavian families as well. I guess it all depends on what you're used to: many of my Asian friends eat fried rice and miso soup for breakfast, and couldn't imagine anything else. ;)

  3. @seglare, sorry about that, i should've specified i used firm tofu. i eat cereal for dinner sometimes too...i just don't blog about it :)