Sunday, September 12, 2010

Brooklyn Eats and Art

Yesterday we went to Brooklyn for the day. First we ate lunch at 'SNice, a vegetarian cafe/coffee shop in Park Slope. There were several other families with strollers, so we fit right in. The service was fast and we all enjoyed our lunches.

Jackson polished off some fruit, granola and yogurt.

Tony had the BBQ seitan sandwich.

And I had the pesto panini with sun-dried tomatoes and smoky tofu slices.

Yum! I do love pesto, but sometimes I fear ordering it in restaurants because it can be like an oil slick. This was not the case at 'Snice. The pesto was the perfect consistency to hold the panini fillings together, without being overly oily. And, the bread used in both our sandwiches was awesome -- really chewy, the way I like it.

We left with satisfied tummies and made our way to the Brooklyn Museum.

It was the next-to-last day to see a couple of exhibits - Andy Warhol: The Last Decade and Kiki Smith: Sojourn, and I'm glad we caught both of them.

One cool thing about this museum is that they allow you to take pictures. And everyone was taking advantage of this relaxed policy, not just me!

Have you seen Up In The Air, where George Clooney is all, "Pictures are for people who can't remember things, you don't need pictures." I love looking at photos of places I've been, and places other people have been, too, so I can travel vicariously. I know not everyone feels this way, though. Do you like looking at "vacation slide shows" or does it bore you to tears?

We also checked out Abdi Farah's show. If you don't watch bizarre art-as-competition reality shows like I do, he was the winner of Work of Art on Bravo. And, like any good feminist, I had to spend some time with Judy Chicago's Dinner Party.

One last thing that especially caught my eye was this piece, entitled Soundsuit.

I thought it was by Nick Cave (because the man can do just about anything)...but actually it was by Nick Cave, who I never heard of. Still, pretty cool!

By this point, Jackson was a ball of energy, so we went to the nice, outdoor sitting area in front of the museum and let him run around for awhile.

It was a fun trip for sure. What fun things did you do this weekend?


  1. I love, and would even say, need pictures. It's great to be able to look at back at where I've been. I really enjoyed looking at your images from the weekend. Thanks for the link to Nick Cave (#2) and his sound suits. Cool.

    This weekend I went to the Tilth Harvest Festival which celebrates local, organic eating.

  2. The BBQ Seitan Sandwich is a work of art.

  3. Well, I'll say what I did "this" weekend since I'm a little behind on reading - we took the kids ice and roller skating for the first time! Did I already mention we're coming to NYC for 2 weeks in November; I'm so excited! Would like to spend more time in Brooklyn as I've only meandered over there once.