Monday, January 18, 2016

Dental Helpers

Today the kids had their dental cleanings. I love our dentist and her team, so much. The hygienist is fantastic with my kids. She let them be her assistants, which they loved. 

Olivia, having a power trip moment as she wields the water pik.

No cavities! I am proud of the way they care for their teeth. I had a mouthful of fillings by their age.

For dinner I found an Isa Does It recipe I had not yet tried, the Tempeh Meatballs. I also made the accompanying sauce recipe. The sauce is wonderful, as for meatballs I think I prefer Dreena's, made from walnuts and pecans.

Learning a little coding before bed.

A sweet bedtime moment joking around with Daddy.


  1. The professionals at my family’s dental office also work to win over our kids. It is so important for kids to learn to enjoy dental visits, since learning good dental habits early is a good foundation for a lifetime of great dental health. We have an eight-year-old son and a ten-year-old daughter who have already learned to make brushing and flossing part of their normal daily routines.

    Sylvester Mckenzie @ Cody Dental

  2. I have to commend you on this post. It is so important to get kids exited about their teeth at a young age. When they are fearful, they not only neglect their teeth now, they do so in their later years like me. I teach my kids fun ways to care for their teeth and about visits to the dentist.

    Byron Kennedy @ A+ Family Dentistry

  3. Your children are so lucky to have you as a parent. You obviously care about their education and are helping to expand lessons in the classroom. For example, you make exploring being a dentist easy by allowing your children to help the hygienist and you allow your son time to explore being a computer programmer. These early experience will pay rich dividends in so many different ways.

    Milan Keeton @ Irvinetustin Dental Implants