Monday, January 11, 2016

Blue Cat Cafe

A vegan cafe featuring live-in cats available for adoption, fostering, or just chilling with while you drink some coffee? Pipe dreams, son. Except if you happen to live in Austin. 

When we arrived at the Blue Cat Cafe, we were told there would be a slight wait for a table. So we hung out in the outside seating area until our names were called. There is a $3 admission fee ($1 for kids) which goes toward the cats' care.

Laser cats attack!

I didn't tell Jackson and Olivia anything about the cafe, so it was a fun surprise when they started noticing kitties roaming freely.

The cats had plenty of options for entertainment and exercise, like this rope tree that they seemed to love climbing and perching in.

More adventurous cats climbed to these high perches fastened to the ceiling.

A drum set had been outfitted with cushions, perfect for the kitties to lounge in.

Stealth cat!

All of the tables featured lint rollers, ha! We ordered hot chocolates from the vegan food trailer outside. I wondered about the sanitation aspect of a cat cafe, and was relieved to hear that no food is prepared inside the cafe. It all comes from the trailer. (I didn't see a single litterbox, either. I think they were in a curtained-off room back by the restrooms. The cafe smelled just like any other cafe!)

I was grateful for the lint roller after this beauty made herself comfy on my bag.

The kids loved being able to play with and pet all the cats. Since Tony is allergic, we will never own a cat of our own, so it is a treat for them to get to spend time with these four-legged sweeties.

It was midafternoon so we didn't sample any of the trailer's food options. We will have to go back for a meal. Instead, I later fixed a quick dinner of tempeh BLT's.

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