Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Star Party

One Friday evening, the kids and I attended a star party. No, Kim and Kanye weren't present. But there was an inflatable planetarium, which is probably even better.

Jackson and Olivia had fun trying out a ton of different science experiments. Seriously, there were like fifty different hands-on experiments for kids. This was heaven for Jackson, my tactile learner.

Olivia got right in there, too.

Before the party, we had met up with my parents for dinner at Frank and Angie's. Their pizzas are giant, and loaded with tasty toppings. We ordered the Pavarotti, with portabello mushrooms, pesto, feta, roasted garlic, and big handfuls of fresh spinach thrown on top of it all. You guys, I cannot describe my happiness while I ate this pizza...at dinner, and also at lunch for the next two days. 

I hadn't had tiramisu in forever, so I ordered a slice to go. It reminds me of the days when Tony and I were dating, and we would go on dinner dates at some nondescript Italian restaurant located next to a highway rest stop in OKC. They had the best food, and we always ordered tiramisu.

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