Monday, December 2, 2013

Ghost Tree

This morning we attended storytime at the bookstore. I told Jackson and Olivia they could pick out one toy as a little treat, and they chose the zombie bobblehead...a choice that made me feel like I might actually be doing this parenting thing right!

Since we were near Town Lake, we decided to walk over and see this temporary art installation. The tree floating above the water is supposed to represent all the trees that have died because of the drought here in Texas. A sobering thought, but also a cool-looking addition to the downtown landscape, in a kind of eerie, elegant way.

Sorry for phone pics; left my camera at home.

Ripe from Around Here is a cookbook that came out in 2010, and somehow it's taken me until now to fully appreciate it. The recipes focus on eating local, but they are also vegan.  For dinner, I coated pieces of tofu in the Barbecue Saucy (cute name), baked it, and served it over quinoa and smoky collard greens, spooning extra sauce on top. So good.

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