Monday, July 30, 2012

Dinosaur Park

Today I took Jackson and Olivia on a special day trip. We went to the Dinosaur Park, located outside of Austin.

They have a cute little gift shop with a play area. My kids happily entertained themselves until my friend Jacqueline and her daughter arrived.

We set out along the trail through the woods. The first dinosaur we spotted was just a little guy.

But as we went along, they got bigger...

And bigger...

And bigger! Jackson loves the T-Rex. On the way to the park, he said, "When I see the T-Rex, I will shake his hand and say nice to meet you. Then he will share his apple juice with me." Apple juice?
"T-Rexes like apple juice." I see!

We found a nest of dinosaur eggs...

We dug for fossils...

Jackson even climbed into the mouth of the T-Rex. So brave!

For dinner, I made tofu salad --.a vegan take on egg salad, served on pumpernickel bread. I forget where I got the recipe, but it wasn't very good, so it's probably for the best that I can't link to it. The tofu dill salad from Vegan with a Vengeance is way better.  I also made Oh She Glows' Cilantro Lime Chickpea Salad -- wow!! I want to eat this stuff all the time. I'm always looking for new ways to eat my beloved chickpeas, and this easy recipe gets five stars from me.

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  1. what an awesome park! i bet your kids loved all the dinos! Such a cool idea!