Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer 2012 Road Trip, Part 2

As soon as we arrived in St. Louis and got checked into our hotel, we found ourselves ready for a drink. Several hours in the car with "Madagascar 2" on repeat on the portable DVD player = ready for a drink. We hit up La Chata, a little Tex-Mex place near our friends' home. I ordered a mango margarita, and it was huuuuge...but also weeeeeak (sad face).

La Chata wasn't really vegetarian-friendly. I made do with a plate of basic nachos and a side of jalapenos.

Olivia was feeling super silly after logging all those miles in her carseat.

Jackson was a little more subdued. He perked up later, when we spent the evening at Rick and Carla's, and he got to run wild with their three boys.

The next morning, Rick and Carla took us to Old St. Charles, a historic area with lots of old, old buildings and cobblestone streets.

These days, most of the old homes have been turned into cute shops.

Little plaques tell the history of each structure.

We stopped for lunch at Trailhead Brewing Co., which used to be a grist mill. The wheel is still intact on the side of the building.

I had a salad with walnuts, feta, and raspberry vinaigrette. Not worth raving about or anything, but a decent lunch.

Tomorrow -- all the foody stuff I bought in the cute lil shops of Old St. Charles.


  1. oh yes, a marg is definitely needed after a long car trip! what a cool historic building!

  2. That margarita looks amazing! That photo of Olivia is too funny! :) Sounds like a great time and looks like you were able to get some decent meals in :) Very cool buildings and the wheel photo is awesome!

    Definitely looking forward to seeing what you scored in the fun shops! :)

  3. Looks like you guys are having fun!