Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer 2012 Road Trip, Part 4

Are you tired of my summer vacation snapshots yet? I feel like my dad, showing my aunt and uncle a slideshow of our trip to Disneyworld. "And here is the Tiki Room..." Remember when people bought slides as a memento of their vacations? That seems so weird now. Why wouldn't they just take pictures? I guess people have gotten more confident about their photography skills since the early 80's.

On our last day in St. Louis, we ended up at the Global Foods Market. Our hosts Rick and Carla pointed us there. Thank goodness for foodie friends who can enlighten us to treasures like this place! The Global Foods Market is a supermarket unlike any other. Each aisle features food from a different country.

Here in Austin, we are spoiled with a plethora of Mexican, Indian, Asian, and Middle Eastern markets. Global Foods Market is like all those markets rolled into one. Check out their drinks section.

This was just a portion of the tea aisle.

I couldn't buy everything that caught my eye, so I resorted to snapping pictures of items that appealed to me so I could hunt them down in Austin at a later time. Carob molasses...grape molasses...who knew these even existed? What do you use them for? So intriguing, at least for a food dork like me.

Orange blossom syrup, quince lemon syrup...would these be good in iced tea?

Huge array of super-spicy Indian junk food. I've actually tried some of these before. Have a cold drink nearby!

Here are Tony's selections -- coconut Pocky, El Yucateca hot sauce (we buy this in Austin, he just needed to replace his bottle and it was cheap), Hungarian hot paprika, a red pepper tapenade, and hot mustard. "Hot" seems to be the theme here.

I also picked a couple of hot things -- Serbian ajvar, a red pepper spread that I will probably eat on toasted baguette.

Also, sambal oelek. Does anyone have any good Indonesian recipe recommendations? Although not Indonesian, these chard and tofu wontons look good.

Next, I bought something sweet to counteract all the spicy -- Iraqi date syrup. This has to be good stirred into Greek yogurt, right? I wonder what else I can use it for. Oh, here we go. 

Thai coconut cream powder -- for the next time I want to make coconut tres leches cake!

Giant tube of harissa. Isn't the packaging pretty? I'll use this to make my chickpea-harissa cakes.

Finally, alphabet pasta. For the little dudes.

Tomorrow -- the final installation -- the return to Oklahoma and home sweet home.

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  1. You've been finding the best stores on your trip! Between today's post and yesterday's post you've gotten yourself a great haul on this trip! The last two pics are obviously the cutest ever :) Oh and after being inspired by your post I ordered decaf Cafe Du Monde coffee to cold brew! :) Can't wait to get it!