Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Water Baby

This morning I took Olivia to play at the creek. We haven't had enough rain lately, so there's only a few inches of water.  But she was perfectly content to splash around and shovel some sand into a bucket.

For dinner I made Thai quinoa salad. The recipe called for red quinoa, which I had not used before. I think it's slightly chewier and more substantial than regular quinoa. I loved this salad. The coconut, cashews and kale gave it a great variety of textures and the gingery dressing was to die for. Jackson the kale lover was also a big fan of this salad.   

Along with the salad, I made spicy tamarind potatoes. So awesome. We all loved these potatoes, and they were so easy to prepare on the stovetop. The recipe calls for some rather exotic ingredients, but I subbed regular soy sauce for the Indonesian soy sauce, and brown sugar for the palm sugar, and it was still absolutely wonderful.

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  1. looks like a great day - I love the sound of the tamarind potatoes - love indonesian soy sauce - took me a while to really appreciate it but now it is so good to dip dumplings and the like into - so am sure I would love it in this