Monday, April 16, 2012

Breakfasts of Champions

Here are a few breakfasts we've been enjoying.

One morning I made banana pecan pancakes for a special treat. So good. I always use the pancake recipe in The Urban Vegan and add stuff to it.

I love Kashi's Island Vanilla shredded wheat with vanilla almond milk. Double vanilla!  I've been buying almond milk lately and I think I like the flavor better than soy milk. I just wish it had as much protein.

Finally, I made these adorable granola cups and filled them with Greek yogurt and sliced strawberries. They are so easy, and what a fun way to serve breakfast -- in cute little edible bowls!

Today was a nice, sunny day and I wanted some new shots of me and my babes. I think we got a pretty good mix of serious...

...and silly!


  1. Breakfast is my favorite:) love how cute those granola cups are! Also, great looking fam:)

  2. Breakfast is my favorite meal too - I love seeing pictures of other people doing it well and mixing it up.
    Cute photos too :)

  3. Uber cute - so glad to find your blog!! Did you hear about Kashi using Genetically modified beans :(