Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Monkey in Motion

Today was parent observation day in Jackson's tumbling class. Normally, we sit out in the lobby and watch the class through a window. But every few months, they let the parents into the gym for the last 15 minutes of class to take pictures and let the kids show off what they've been learning.

This was the only picture I got of Jackson where he was sitting still.

Such a little monkey.

His balance has really improved.

The dismount, his favorite part.

He can do a somersault now. He's even taught Olivia to do it as well.

Here are some weeknight meals I've made to keep us all energized.

From 1000 Vegan Recipes, California Pasta Salad. How can you go wrong when kalamata olives, basil and avocados are involved?  I could possibly live on this stuff.

Also from 1000, Chickpea Kofta with Mango Chutney. Jarred mango chutney tends to taste, well, like it came from a jar. So I like Robin Robertson's idea of pureeing it with lime juice and cilantro to give it a shot of fresh flavor.

From Vegan Brunch, Curried Cauliflower Frittata. This was not bad, but we decided we prefer frittatas that have greens in them. I think it's a texture thing.

Hope you had a great day!

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