Friday, February 10, 2012

Kabocha -- An Experiment

Once in awhile, I like to grab the kids and go wander around at the Asian supermarket near our home. They sell cheap tofu, baby bananas for Jackson's lunchbox, and, if I'm feeling experimental, I can always find some new fruit or vegetable I've never seen or heard of before.

On my last visit, I picked up a kabocha squash. Also known as a Japanese pumpkin, this round, squatty winter squash is said to be even sweeter than butternut squash.

I decided to roast it. It took me 45 minutes to prepare -- not counting roasting time! I halved it, scooped out the seeds, peeled it, and cut it into thin slices. (Later, I read that peeling is unnecessary. Next time, I'll save myself a huge chunk of time and leave the skin on!)  Then I tossed it with coconut oil, Braggs, cinnamon, and a little coconut sugar.

Have you tried coconut sugar? It looks and smells like a large-grained brown sugar.
To accompany the squash, I prepared a box of Annie's pasta. I ate this stuff often as a kid! I'm glad it's still around. I threw in some frozen peas during the last two minutes of cooking the pasta.

The finished product...

The squash was indeed sweet, and delicious. Kabocha will definitely be making more appearances on our plates in the future.

After dinner, Jackson let his daddy cut his hair for the first time in like six months. For a reward, Tony made him a little racecar ramp out of cardboard. I thought it was pretty ingenious.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love kabocha! I usually cook it with salt and curry spice to cut the sweetness a bit. But yeah, I rarely peel any squash because it's so time consuming. I let it cook and cut it away afterwards if necessary. Although I actually enjoy the skin..

    1. oh, i bet it's great with curry! i'll have to try it that way.

  2. I love kabocha, too. It's one of the best winter squashes, IMO.

    We always gave my stepsons buzz cuts when they were little, too. That's the nice thing about boys- you can cut their hair so easily at home with a clippers. :)