Friday, February 3, 2012

Fossils and Gyros

The other day, I took Jackson and Livi to the Texas Natural Science Center with some of our play group friends. Jackson is getting slightly obsessed with dinosaurs, so I thought this would be a nice educational trip for him.

He was actually a little scared of the dinosaur bones, so we didn't spend a lot of time in that room. I guess he thought there would be "real" dinosaurs? It's hard to explain the bones to him, because he is only three. He doesn't know what "extinct" or "dead" means. Anyway, he really got a kick out of all the fossils that they had neatly catalogued in drawers. He kept opening the drawers and asking what everything was.

Olivia just chilled in her stroller, taking it all in. It's what she does.

For dinner, I made a recipe from Quick-Fix Vegan -- Seitan Gyros with Tzatziki Sauce. 

I needed some yogurt to make the tzatziki sauce, so I tried this So Delicious Greek Style yogurt, made with coconut milk. It worked perfectly -- didn't taste like coconut at all, and it's very thick and creamy.

I already had some seitan in the freezer, so I thawed out a portion and prepared it according to the directions. The thinner you can slice it, the better!

I stuffed whole wheat pitas with gyro "meat", lettuce, tomato, and olives. Tony and I enjoyed these gyros immensely.  The tzatziki sauce adds a lot of flavor, and the seitan is tangy (it's coated with lemon juice and red wine vinegar) and delicious. If you don't have this cookbook, I suggest checking it out.  As with all of Robin Robertson's books that I've owned, it's full of winners!

Miss Olive Fingers says hello.


  1. I am a bit of a dinosaur nerd, that sounds like such a fun exhibit! The gyros look SO amazing and so real! That is crazy! Sounds like a delicious recipe. The WHole Foods I go to still doesnt have the greek style yogurt! I look every time I go. I used to love tzatziki sauce as salad dressing, so I'd love to make a vegan version of it. Soon hopefully!