Monday, February 13, 2012


Long ago, before kids, Tony and I spent some time in Vancouver, B.C. It has a fond place in my heart. We actually considered moving there, until we realized what a process immigration would be.  Some day we'd love to visit again with Jackson and Olivia.

Vancouver felt like a truly international city. Walking down the street, it wasn't uncommon to hear several different languages being spoken. And the restaurants reflected the diversity of the population.

 Some mornings, we ate breakfast at a little Dutch restaurant. Every time, we had pannekoeken.

Look at Tony, such a baby face!

A pannekoeken is a big Dutch pancake that's like a thicker version of a crepe. It's basically a conduit for whatever you decide to top it with, be it sweet or savory.

I used this vegan recipe to make my own pannekoeken. We topped them with cinnamon apples, and also Nutella and bananas. Along with a tofu scramble, this was a perfect Sunday brunch. 

Do you have certain foods that remind you of places you've traveled?

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  1. There's a Thai Tempeh salad that we make, which reminds us of our last trip to Boulder.

    I hope that you get to visit there with the kids someday soon! I've heard great things about that city. :)