Monday, February 6, 2012

A Tale of Two Pizzas

While recovering from our strep throat, Tony and I did not feel much like cooking. I always want pizza when I am sick. One night we ordered from Promise Pizza. Their thing is that they use all natural, organic ingredients. They also offer Daiya if you're going the vegan route. We chose black olives and mushrooms as the toppings. 

The pizza was good, with a nice, chewy crust. My only issue was that the crust-to-pizza ratio was pretty high. Like, there was a lot of crust. We also ordered a side of garlic knots with marinara.

The garlic knots were delicious. Not as good as Home Slice's, but I doubt that's even possible. The marinara sauce was insanely sweet! I don't know what was going on there.

It was kinda pricy, $20 for the pie and knots. I guess the price is higher due to the organic ingredients. We couldn't really taste a difference, so I don't know if we will order from them again. It was tasty, though -- I'd recommend it if organic is important to you.

Another night, I picked up some pies from the Via 313 trailer. They specialize in Detroit-style pizza. If you aren't from Michigan, you've probably never heard of this type of pizza. It's not well-known like, say, New York-style pizza. It's a square pizza, with a thick deep-dish-style crust. The cheese is placed on the crust first, before the sauce. The sauce is spooned on top of the cheese, followed by the toppings. The cheese is spread all the way to the edges of the crust so that it bakes into the edges and caramelizes. That's the best part! My favorite purveyor of this pizza is Buddy's. I haven't lived in Detroit since I was 18, but I have to have this pizza whenever I go visit my family.

Soooo, when I heard about this new trailer selling Detroit-style pizza, to say I was excited would be an understatement. They are only open in the evenings, not at lunchtime. So this meant I had to sit in rush hour traffic to get from my house in north Austin, over to the east side, to pick it up.  And I was more than willing to suffer through that, to sample this pizza.

It was so worth it. We inhaled this pizza. I got a plain cheese pie and also a veggie pie with olives, onions and green peppers. Both were amazing. Plus, I don't usually drink pop, but when I saw that they were selling Faygo pop, I had to add that to my order. Faygo is made in Detroit and you don't really see it outside of Michigan. Also, I don't know if you've heard of the ridiculous, terrible rap group Insane Clown Posse, but Faygo is what they spray on their audiences. So there's that.

Due to its distance from my house, this will be an occasional treat. I couldn't eat this stuff every day, anyway! It's so rich. But I'm thrilled to have the option to eat it year-round, not just when I'm in the D. Yay!


  1. Oh no! Sorry you aren't feeling well! Both pizzas look delicious and I'm so intrigued by the Detroit style! I love pizza crust so i'd probably like the first one a lot :)

    1. thanks sarah, thankfully we are all feeling better now.

  2. i love the black olive && mushroom pizza...those are wonderful toppings!

    i've never tried the detroit style pizza, but i really like the concept of sauce on top.

    also, love the reference to ICP...haha. are they from MI?

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  4. love the detroit pizza! My fave pizza places are also too far from home so they are a treat and I end up making my own a lot of the time instead