Monday, October 3, 2011

A Day at the Zoo

This weekend we took Jackson and Olivia to the Austin Zoo. Austin's zoo is a little different from most other zoos, in that it's actually an animal sanctuary. After our great experience at the Woodstock Animal Sanctuary last year, we were excited to go check out another one of these wonderful sanctuaries that provide a permanent home for rescued animals.

This was Olivia, pretty much the whole time we were there. She loved all the animals and wanted to get as close to them as possible.

She really wanted to see the turtles. She was pointing and making little excited noises. So Tony picked her up, stroller and all, to get a good look.

Mr. Turtle enjoying his salad.

They give you little bags of feed at the entrance and you can feed some of the animals. Jackson was super excited to feed the goats.

There were tons of kids at the zoo on this day, and they all wanted to feed the goats. These guys were definitely not going hungry!

These little monkeys kinda reminded me of my own two, haha. I didn't get a good picture of the nearby marmosets, because they were so tiny -- but they are the cutest things ever, take my word for it.

Dinner was Ma Po Tofu from PF Chang's. I would always drool over this dish when the Shenandoah Vegan posted it on her blog, and I finally got around to trying it for myself. Freakin awesome. Give me a giant bowl of broccoli and spicy tofu and I am a happy lady.  Almost as happy as Olivia cuddling up with those goats.


  1. aw what a cool place. it's so fun to watch kids' reactions to animals. we went to the watkin's glen sanctuary earlier this year, beautiful place :)

  2. Aww sounds like such a great day! Your kids are so cute! ANd the tofu looks super yummy :)

  3. I didn't know the Austin Zoo was a sanctuary. Good to know! My husband ate Ma Po Tofu Sunday.