Friday, March 4, 2011

Recipe Links and Menu Planning

Since I am still camera-less (Tony took it with him on a trip), I thought I would link to some recipes other bloggers have recently posted that look really awesome. I had these bookmarked and I hope I get around to trying them all eventually.

Philly "Cheese" Sandwich on Soft Pretzel Subs from Peas and Thank You
Beetroot Pepperoni from In the Mood for Noodles
Deep Dish Pizza from go vegan meow!
Tempeh Pepper Pasta Perfection from Irreverent Vegan
Buffalo Soy Curl Hot Pockets from Vegan Food Rocks
Tex Mex Avocado Pasta from Cook. Vegan. Lover.
Chocolate Cherry Oatbran Muffins from Veggie Prairie Girl
Kid-Tested Easy Peanut Noodles from Vegan Food, More Than Tofu and Sprouts!
Raw Chocolate Mint Pie from Sketch-Free Vegan Eating

And here are the meals I am planning to make next week. I usually make a menu every Thursday and go grocery shopping on Friday or Saturday. First I look through my cupboards to see if I need to use up anything. Then I sit down with one or two cookbooks and pull some recipes out. This time I used La Dolce Vegan and Vegan on the Cheap. After I have my menu, I make my grocery list.  That's how my mom always did it, and I have to say it's worked for me for years.

Fri. - Punkin' Pasta (LDV)
Sat. - Cheezy Mac with peas (VotC)
Sun. - Spicy Tomato Peanut Kale Pasta (LDV)
Mon. - Pizza and also bake Irish soda bread (Urban Vegan tester)
Tue. - BLT Casserole (LDV)
Wed. - Moroccan lentil soup (VotC)
Thu. - Cajun Seitan Po'Boys (VotC) , Tomato Soup Cake (LDV)
Fri - Sag paneer with dry-fried tofu (testers)

The Punkin' Pasta and BLT Casserole are old favorites that I haven't made in awhile. I'm really looking forward to trying the Po'Boys.

What upcoming meals are you excited about making?
Have you come across any mouth-watering recipes on other blogs lately?

Have a great weekend!


  1. I shared some recipe links today too - check them out. There's soo many nice recipes out there, oh my!

  2. At the moment I'm obsessed with cooking from Appetite For Reduction, everything I've tried's been amazing. I recently saw a delicious recipe for Chickpea Alfredo on the Our Veggie Kitchen blog, I'll definitely be making it soon.

  3. I menu plan in a similar way to you. On Saturdays I go late to my local market and buy whatever fruit and vegetables are on sale. Then I pick out a couple of cookbooks (last week I used Vegan on the Cheap as well as The Everything Raw Cookbook) and using my list of cheap produce I plan from there. I have started to write it on a weekly list, so that I can include prep reminders for the days before (otherwise I'll come to make something and find that I should have soaked/pre-baked/marinated something or other!). So I can see daily what I' having and what prep I need to do for the following days.
    Now I just need to keep it up....

  4. Lots of great ideas to check out here - the deep dish pizza particularly caught my eye.
    I do something similar with menu planning but probably in a much more chaotic, unorganized, forgetful fashion. Sometimes I know I'm headed to Whole Foods so I grab a cookbook or two, then when I get there I flip through a cookbook and get a few ideas before I go inside. I do really enjoy sitting down with cookbooks and a grocery list. It's fun and relaxing.

    Are you going to post about your Irish bread? Because I need a recipe; it's on my list of foods to make this month during our Ireland studies.