Saturday, March 12, 2011

Olivia's Birthday

Olivia is one.

My serious, mysterious baby has grown into a giggly, happy little girl.

Don't let the smile fool you. She let us know early on that she was a tough cookie.

And she is definitely still the boss.

Jackson didn't know what to make of this new little creature at first.

Now he is pretty thrilled with her, especially when she shares cake with him.

Baby girl, I am so excited to watch you becoming this awesome little person. We love you more every day. Although we love to see every step of your development, there are some things about you that I never want to change.

 Your strong opinions

Your curiosity

Your infectious smile and laugh

Your love of learning

And playing

Your bravery in trying new things

Your reflective, thoughtful side

And most of all, your sweet, loving nature that makes you so lovable and amazing

Happy birthday Miss O!

The cake is Rene's Tomato Soup Cake with Vanilla Frosting from La Dolce Vegan. Tomato soup sounds bizarre in a cake, but you don't taste it. It just tastes like a spice cake. I used to really dig this cake, but this time it was too sweet for my taste.  I mean I know cake is supposed to be sweet, but it was like hurting my teeth.  It's been a couple years since I made it last. So I don't know if I did something different, or maybe my taste buds have changed. The important thing is that the kids loved it.  It was Olivia's first taste of cake and I think she's hooked now!


  1. I just looked up that cake and it looks tasty! Looks like a great recipe for your baby too! Happy birthday Olivia! I have been having trouble with eating things too sweet lately too, but I have cavities, so...Looks like you had a wonderful day with your beautiful daughter :)

  2. Happy birthday, Olivia! What a sweet birthday celebration.

  3. What a great retrospective of Olivia's first year! Happy birthday to a beautiful little girl!

    (I always have a problem with cake tasting too sweet, too.)

  4. Tomato soup cake, now you have me intrigued. I will have to check it out.

    Would also like to wish Beautiful Oilive a Happy Happy Birthday. Thank you for sharing such wonderful photographs of her and your family x

  5. So sweet! That sticking out the tongue picture could be an advertisement in a magazine. That is fabulous. Get that kid an agent!