Tuesday, March 1, 2011


January and February always feel like the longest months to get through, especially since we moved to a snowy climate. Sure, the first couple of snowstorms are fun novelties, and the sheer white landscape is beautiful to look at. But after the holidays, the days of cold and snow seem endless. The snow turns gray and then black along the roads, but stubbornly refuses to melt. So I am always happy to see March arrive. It makes me feel that, at last, spring is near! And that makes me feel happy and optimistic in general. Besides the first day of spring, March means St. Paddy's Day and Olivia's birthday. I think it's going to be a great month.

Here are some meals we've had over the past few days. First, a couple of Urban Vegan testers, for her new holiday cookbook.

Lettuce Soup


When I told Tony we were having lettuce soup he said, "What are we, in the Great Depression?" I admit, it sounded too simple to be tasty, but Dynise has a way of teasing rich flavors out of the simplest ingredients. Garlic and cumin give the soup a Mexican-ish flavor. It is great with a drizzle of hot sauce.
Kibbeh is a Middle Eastern dish typically made with minced lamb or beef, that is either formed into balls or served casserole-style. This vegan version is made from bulgur and lentils. I served it with spicy Cumin-Harissa Sauce, which I've tested before. It was so good, I had to make it again. I also served hummus and pita alongside.

When I went grocery shopping, I impulse-bought some tofu dogs and had one when I got home. I know it's unwise to grocery shopping before you eat.  But sometimes it can result in a lunch that is exactly what you were craving.

A lightning-fast yet amazing pea pesto soup, one of my all-time favorite soups. The recipe is from Nigella Lawson and is available online.

From Vegan on the Cheap, smoky tempeh with cabbage and potatoes. A hearty, uncomplicated, yet tasty dish. I caramelized the onions to give it extra depth of flavor.

I also made a different kind of recipe this weekend...not a food at all, but made from mostly edible ingredients.

It's a natural homemade deoderant. The recipe came from Leslie over at Pixiepine Blog. She reported good results after using it for a month, so I decided to give it a try. My skin is so sensitive to most deoderants that there is only one brand I can use (Dove Sensitive Skin) and I've always been a little creeped out by all the chemicals in it.  I've tried Tom's of Maine in the past and it did not work for me at all. Happily, I am having great success with Leslie's deoderant. I love the soft scent of the coconut oil base. Yum.

Of course my little man Jackson helped me with all my kitchen creations. Look at him standing on his tiptoes so he can stir.

Miss Olivia is so close to taking her first steps unassisted. I think it will be any day now.

And Monster got a new bed over the weekend. So all my babies are kicking off March in a happy mood. (Actually, Monster can't decide if he wants to sleep in his bed or chew it to pieces, but I think either outcome would make him happy.) I hope March brings you much happiness, too!


  1. so soon, you'll have two sous chefs helping you out:) lucky you< I still miss my baby, and she's 28 now!!!!

  2. funny what he said about the lettuce soup. when my mom was little, she was so poor they used to water down ketchup for soup to eat. isn't that sad? your son is going to be towering over that counter before you know it - enjoy this time!

  3. Thanks for the tip about the deodorant. I have a lot of trouble with deodorant too. I can't use anything that's in most regular stores because it causes a rash, and a lot of the other stuff just doesn't work. So I might look into that recipe from Pixiepine too.

    I am with you about being ready for spring. I'm so happy to be getting more daylight already, and the air has that slightly more humid feeling. I never cared much about spring when I lived down south, but now that I am in New England, I definitely see the appeal. I am sick of looking at nasty dirty snow.

  4. Hi Sara -
    Yummy! These look delish! I just awarded you a Stylish Blogger award - enjoy your blog!