Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Midweek Eats

First, as usual, a couple of my latest testers for the Urban Vegan's new cookbook:

Ginger Tea

Substantial Mix-n-Match Salad

My salad contained romaine, roasted broccoli, lentils, raisins, slivered almonds, and horseradish dressing. Completely random based on what I had in my fridge.  I like that some of Dynise's recipes are more like suggestions. It's not difficult to make a cup of tea or throw a salad together, but maybe it's something that wouldn't occur to you until you're leafing through a cookbook and come across it. Then you think "Hey, I do have some ginger in my fridge that's getting a little tough." And instead of throwing away a shriveled, old piece of ginger and feeling bad because you wasted it, you are inspired to make a tummy-soothing cup of ginger tea.

For lunch today, I had a "salad sandwich" -- roasted broccoli, kalamata olives, and romaine on a French roll with horseradish dressing, Veganaise and sriracha. I don't think you can see anything in this pic besides the romaine. Gotta cram as much of it in there as I possibly can, I guess. Yay, antioxidants!

For dinner we made pizza with roasted red pepper, homemade "pepperoni" and "parmesan." It's been awhile since we have made pizza. Such a lapse will not happen again. It's just too good!

I have to part with my camera for a few days. Tony is going on a business trip and taking it along.  This is also the first time I'll be watching both kids by myself for an extended period, so I'll probably be too worn out to blog anyway. Talk to you next week, friends!


  1. I LOVE YOUR SALAD - I do make myself some whimsical ones when I am on my own because my children aren't too hot on salad - So I do end up roasting some veggies (eggplant in vinegar) in order for them to eat it :) Please check out the events on my blog.

  2. That salad sounds SO good. I love lentils, but I have never thought to put them in a salad!

  3. Both Horseradish AND Siracha on the sandwich?!

  4. @shen, i know, it sounds crazy but i wanted the heat. sriracha makes everything better :)

  5. That salad looks delicious! Have you checked out this sriracha sauce? It's really good...better than the rooster sauce! Thanks for sharing.