Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Give A Hoot, Eat A Cupcake

This week, I'm being a good girl and getting all my necessary health checkups over with. Dentist, check. Doctor, check. And today -- opthamologist, check. Oh, how I hate that one! My vision was terrible until I had lasik several years ago. I have many memories of visiting the eye doctor only to find out my prescription had gone up yet again. The left eye was always particularly bad. So, naturally, that's the eye Jackson punched me in a couple weeks ago. Not on purpose of course, but Mama got a little too close when he was flailing (I mean, dancing) around like a crazy man! It's still a little blurry, so I thought I better get it checked out, even though I was dreading it.

To calm my nerves before my appointment, I headed into the kitchen. I try not to be too much of a comfort eater, but I admit I am an unrepentant comfort baker! Nothing gets unpleasant thoughts out of my head like sifting, stirring, and scooping.

The result of my attempt at distraction -- owl cupcakes!

I came across this genius idea on Learning Vegan and, since owls are bad-ass, I had to make these cupcakes as a tribute to my favorite creepy, winged forest dwellers.

Fittingly, the eyes were the hardest part. I made them out of mini peanut butter sandwich crackers, which were not as easy to pry apart as I assumed they would be. They also slid around uncontrollably on the frosting, making my owls look slightly cross-eyed, or perhaps hung over.

Of course, I had to sample one of the little dudes after me and my scratched cornea got back from our exam. Nothing says "Good job going to get your wonky eye checked out" like a wonky-eyed owl cupcake.


  1. super cute! i love owls too : ]

  2. These are so cute, very creative! And owls have good vision too, so I bet it brought good luck to your opthamology appt.

  3. I made some for my friend's birthday back in August using halved oreo's for eyes and pieces of the oreo for eyebrows, the curve of a mini-pretzel for the beak, and sunspire m&m's for the eyes. They were adorable.

  4. Haha, those are too adorable! Baking while stressed really is amazing. I wish I could be a little les of an emotional easter, so I commend you on holding off on sampling the little owls until after you got back from the dr! :)

  5. So cute! I think that cooking/baking is one of the best ways to calm nerves. Plus, sweets never hurt. (:

  6. I think those are the cutest cupcakes I've seen. Nice work!