Thursday, February 11, 2016

Will I Ever Catch Up

Time for another holiday post, will I ever get through my old pictures? It is possible. Some day. Goals are important to have.

"Show me how much you love Christmas."

Over the winter break, we visited an art gallery in Round Rock that gets taken over by model train enthusiasts each holiday season.

Their vignettes are so detailed, it is pretty neat to see how much time and effort they put into constructing them. And of course, Jackson and Olivia loved taking turns playing conductor.

Winter village.


The roller coaster had a little car that ran along the tracks, although you can't see it here.

One of the first meals I ever learned to make was pasta with tofu, broccoli, and peanut sauce. Here it is many years later, still in regular rotation. It is a good way to use up those last few ounces in different boxes of pasta that you may have lying around.

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