Friday, February 12, 2016

Snow Day, Texas-Style

Since we don't get actual, natural snow here except once in a blue moon, there are companies, like this one, that specialize in providing "snow day" experiences to snow-deprived Texan children. We attended one this year at the Galleria, an outdoor mall. 

It was slushy and cold and snowballs were flying fast and hard. We parent spectators kept having to step back further away from the snow, to avoid getting nailed in the face by our frenzied, snow-crazed offspring.

Showing off his biggest creation.

Ready to unleash a face full of white vengeance.

Afterwards we tracked our soggy, chilled kiddos into the nearby Buenos Aires Cafe for a clothing change and a warm meal. I started with a verdura empanada, filled with spinach and ricotta.

I also enjoyed a mixta salad, with greens, tomatoes, carrots, pickled onions, and citrus vinaigrette.

The desserts were all on display that, naturally, caught my kids' attention. We ended up sharing a couple of them: the strawberry-and-whipped-cream-laden pionono, and the tart and wonderful meringue-topped lemon pie.

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