Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Rawr Bars

Recently I was sent three flavors of Rawr Bar fruit and veggie snack bars to try. We received Super Sweet Potato, Beet-A-Peel, and Very Berry Kale. These vegan snacks look and taste like fruit leather, but they contain up to 1 1/2 servings of veggies. Sneaky, eh? The kale one had an almost savory, curry flavor. The kids liked it all right. The beet one had a very sweet, fruity flavor, but the kids were put off by the distinctive earthy smell of beet. The sweet potato flavor was the big hit in our house. It almost tastes like apple pie, sweet and cinnamony. Olivia loved taking them in her lunch box. Thanks to Rawr Bar for the yummy samples!

Roasted Red Pepper Mac and Cheese from Isa Does It for dinner. Another way to sneak a little bit of veggies into my children.

Gladiators and ninjas need their veggies!

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