Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Jackson's Birthday

The last weekend before school started was a blowout. We had not one, not two, but three birthday parties to attend, including Jackson's!

First a party at the arcade for a soccer friend.

Fruit Ninja on the big screen! Olivia is the ninja master.

Next, a party at the children's museum for a sweet little boy we know from our play group.

I was happy we got to spend some time at the museum together before school started. I am going to miss these types of daily outings now that both Jackson and Olivia are in school. But, we will still have summer and vacations and early dismissal days to run around together.

Jackson's favorite, the water room!

He also loves the gears. Such an inventive mind.

Laser light show in the light room!

My friend ordered way too much pizza from East Side Pies, so she sent home an entire huge veggie pie with us! It had roasted garlic, spinach, sundried tomato, and goat cheese.

Finally, our own birthday boy had his big day. My first baby is seven. He woke up to presents from the whole family.

We had his party at Jumpoline Park, a trampoline place. After pizza and cake, the kids jumped for hours. I was a little tentative about this schedule of events, but these children have strong stomachs and thankfully no one puked, ha!

Happy birthday to our sweet, funny, creative Jackson. Your animated energy always makes your friends smile and you are such a great helper to your mama and daddy. You make our lives so much fun and our hearts are stuffed full of big love for you.

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