Monday, September 21, 2015


Our kindergartener Olivia is getting her first taste of homework, and she is not a fan. She can be very dramatic about the small amount of homework she is asked to do each day. For example, one day she was asked to write a sentence about what she did over the weekend. This took about 20 minutes and at one point she dramatically threw her arms up, laid her head down and declared that it was taking forrrevvvverrrr.

I made a little Ethiopian feast for dinner, to bolster her spirits and give her the energy she needed to go on. The kids enjoy Ethiopian food because they are allowed to eat it with their fingers. From Teff Love, I made the Ye'misser Wot (red lentils) and the Fasolia Be'Karot (green beans with carrots), along with some injera I had in the freezer from last time I cooked Ethiopian.

Monster waits patiently for injera scraps.


  1. Ethiopian feast for dinner! YES! I have been wanting some good veg Ethiopian food lately! The pup is so cute, too, btw! I hopped over from vegan power/vegan peace's site - glad I did! Great place you have here!

    1. Thank you for visiting! Adding your blog to my reader :)