Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Graduation and Popsicles

Kinder graduation was decidedly upbeat and fun. Onwards and upwards, right? While I can't believe Jackson's school year went by so quickly, I am super proud of him for all that he has learned and accomplished. He had a wonderful teacher who pushed him to do his best!

During the graduation ceremony, each class performed a couple of carefully-choreographed songs, and some children received awards. Then we returned to the classroom for the class party, where Jackson's teacher handed out some additional, more personalized awards. Here is Jackson with his Progress in a Dual Language award from the principal, and his Math Wiz award from his teacher. 

Then it was party time! It was a spy party and the kids had to practice their CIA stealth moves.

Celebrating at home, we made a couple of popsicle recipes from Plant-Powered Families. Jackson requested vanilla, so I made the Fudgesicles but left out the cocoa powder. Perfect! The cashew butter made them so rich and creamy. They tasted like the vanilla Jell-o Pudding Pops of my childhood, only without the creepy Bill Cosby connection. 

Of course Olivia requested the "Pink-sicles," made with fresh watermelon and strawberries. 

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