Friday, June 19, 2015

Aztex and Teacher Appreciation

Awhile back (before the field you see below, completely flooded during the May storms, yikes!) Jackson and his soccer teammates attended an Austin Aztex pro soccer game and had the honor of walking the team out onto the field.

We watch soccer on television, but this was Jackson and Olivia's first time at a live game. They were pumped!

The kids also got to have a scrimmage on the big field during halftime.

The Aztex ended up winning, yay!

My handsome husband chillin in the beer tent.

Prickly pear beer! I support this.

Slushies for the kiddos.

It was also around this time that we had Teacher Appreciation Week at school. One morning a bunch of us moms made breakfast for the teachers. I made chocolate chip banana bread pudding...

coconut almond granola from 1000 Vegan Recipes...

and blueberry muffins!

The granola is now my go-to granola recipe; I have been making big batches of it for Tony to take to work in the mornings.

Also, I didn't have any overripe bananas lying around, so I tried baking some unripe ones, and it totally worked! They look ridiculous, but on the inside I assure you they are soft, sweet, and ready to throw into some delicious bread pudding.

Another day, we catered a lunch for the teachers. I made my favorite pasta salad, the Goddess Rotini Salad from Vegan on the Cheap...

and the Arabian Lentil and Rice Soup from Appetite for Reduction. I got so many comments on this soup! It is so good. I think the key is using lots and lots of lemon juice.


  1. I love that pasta salad and soup too! I thought the baked bananas were chocolate covered at first! Those are some super lucky teachers!

  2. I have tried to comment four times! Gah!!!! Cute family dammit!