Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Speed Skaters

Some friends in the neighborhood are avid speed skaters, and invited Jackson and Olivia to attend a speed skating class.

Getting low, apparently, is the key to speed skating success!

Can you even see them or are they just blurs? Lightning fast! Ha ha!

They loved it, obviously. Now they want inline skates because then they can go faster. I said maybe for their next birthday. In the meantime they will have lots of time to practice. Skating is free for kids during the summer. I love our rink for offering that. It is such a nice heavily-air conditioned place to hang out all summer.

I finally got to try a vegan food trailer I've had on my list for ages. Unity Vegan Kitchen is in South Austin and I don't get down there too much these days since we moved further north. But it is well worth the trip and I can't wait to try more of their specials as well as the regular menu items! The special I had was the fried pickle po'boy. It came with thinly sliced seasoned tofu, arugula, cashew cheese, mustard, and of course fried pickles, with additional pickles piled on the side as you can see. It was amazing! I have never had such tasty tofu, just packed with flavor. And, I admit, it hadn't occurred to me that fried pickles weren't typically vegan. But of course, they are usually dipped in egg before being battered and fried.

The trailer park had a mellow vibe and a game I had never seen before that involved throwing dog toys (I think?) and getting them to stick to a fence. The kids loved it, so it should be easy to convince them to make a return trip soon.

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