Friday, March 27, 2015

Master Builders

I love it when Jackson and Olivia build together. 

Navigating their relationship one train track at a time. Give-and-take. Sharing. Splitting responsibilities. Team effort. Such important life lessons. Kids learn so much through play.

Sprouts was having a nice sale, so we picked up a few goodies. We always need more Nag Champa. Alaffia bath products are the only ones I buy for the kids. They seem like a wonderful company, committed to reducing maternal death rates in West Africa.

How could I pass up Way Better sriracha chips, made with flax, quinoa, and kale? Those are like the top 4 hippie ingredients all in one chip. I also grabbed a local Tom's Tabooley Spicy Thai tofu wrap. It was good, but no match for their hummus falafel wrap, which they were sold out of or else that's what I would've gotten, since it's amazing.

Old-school tea vendors Celestial Seasonings have come out with a line of kombuchas. I always like to try new kombucha flavors. Their Hydration blend contains coconut, lime, and hibiscus, while the Immunity blend is grape. I believe these are the two Sprouts exclusive flavors, if you want to look for them. I also grabbed a handful of Larabars since they were buy one, get one free.

Dinner was veggie burgers with Veganaise, dill relish, jalapenos, and mustard, with crinkle cut fries. Chomp!


  1. Those sriracha chips look amazing! As do the burgers, and I love the snapshots of your children playing :-)

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