Friday, March 20, 2015

Cupcake Practice

A chilly morning in front of the fire. We may not have too many more of those! Spring is on its way.

Vegan on the Cheap's Almost-Instant Chickpea Tomato Soup. Five minutes and you have lunch. We love this recipe.

And VOTC Baked Ziti for dinner, except made with whole wheat elbow macaroni because that's what I had.

Oh yeah, we also made cupcakes! I've decided to add more vegan baked goods to my repertoire. It took me forever to master buttercream, and now I'm working on my decorating skillz. Every batch of cupcakes is practice. I love practicing.

These are the PPK Chocolate Mousse Cupcakes. I don't believe in food guilt or using words like "sinful" to describe my food but I will make an exception for that chocolate mousse because it's like, how can I be eating something THIS insanely rich and chocolately and oh yeah, it's also attached to a delicious chocolate cupcake.

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