Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sushi Nini

Tony had a sushi craving today, so we headed to Sushi Nini for lunch. I felt some trepidation when I saw the menu. Eel favorite "vegetarian" delicacy!

I ordered a ginger salad to start with, thinking it would be the standard carrot ginger dressing served at basically every sushi restaurant ever. Nope. This is what I got. Totally doused in spicy mayonnaise.  It would have been nice if that was mentioned in the menu description. I didn't touch it.

The kids and I snacked on edamame instead until our sushi arrived.

I ordered a sweet potato and onion tempura roll (HOLD the eel sauce!) and an avocado roll, and to my relief, they were quite good. Big rolls, too -- 8 pieces each. I would go back, since it's super close to our house and reasonably priced, but I'll be very careful about what I order because the menu is just not very accurate.