Thursday, February 5, 2015

St. Philip

Over the weekend we wanted to try someplace new for lunch. We headed for St. Philip in South Austin. I was intrigued by their "beer cocktails" and had to order one. Local beer mixed with ginger syrup, lime, and orange - so refreshing! This needs to be my spring drink.

We started with some polenta fries, satisfyingly crunchy on the outside thanks to panko breading, and richly creamy on the inside.

I somehow forgot to snap a photo of the best part of the meal! Our other appetizer, the Golden Cauliflower, was even better than the pizza. Even better than beer cocktails! It's cauliflower tossed with herbed yogurt and pine nuts. That may not sound too exciting but it was amazing. 

OK, on to the pizza. I had the Wild Mushroom pizza, topped with mushrooms, idiazabal cheese and arugula salad. Like the cauliflower, all the flavors meshed together perfectly and made my mouth so happy.

There's a sweet little bakery attached to the restaurant. While the kids ran off some energy out on the patio, I snuck back in and got them some maple soft serve cones for dessert.

Thanks, mama!

I also selected a few gorgeous little treats to take home. Two things I'm a sucker for: interesting cocktails, and fancy desserts. Clockwise from top left, a cassis tart, chocolate gingerbread, lemon crumb square, and blueberry cheesecake layer cake. 

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