Tuesday, September 4, 2012

China Festival and Curry

Saturday was our "out and about" day this weekend. We had lunch at Curry in Hurry. I've reviewed it before. It's so good. All vegetarian, and they have lots of meal combinations and daily specials, as well as Indian street food appetizers.
We started with one of those appetizers, pani puri. This snack consists of thin, crispy shells filled with chickpeas, onion and cilantro, served with tamarind sauce and mint water. You spoon the tamarind sauce and mint water into the little round shell and pop the whole thing into your mouth. The combination of all those different flavors is awesome. 
I ordered the lunch combination and was told that I could pick two items, along with cumin rice and paratha bread. I chose the okra curry and the split peas in a tomato sauce. Both were so good. I get okra every week in my CSA box, but I can always deal with more okra! Tony had the same combo as me, and also enjoyed it. Jackson and Olivia ate a mild chickpea curry over rice.
After lunch, we headed to the George Washington Carver Museum for their China festival. This was a free event that sounded like it would be interesting for the whole family, and it was. First, we saw a group of tradional Chinese drummers.
Next, we hit the kids' craft area. Jackson and Olivia made some Chinese dragons.
Jackson's finished dragon -- so sparkly!
Olivia didn't want to cut hers out. Hers was very sparkly, too. That's my girl.
After finishing the crafts, we watched a kung fu demonstration.The crowd was too big to get any good pics, though. This was Jackson's favorite part of the festival.
Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend!



  1. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful weekend, that lunch you had looks so delicous. I think I might to stop by that place in October when I visit Austin.

  2. I read this post the other day, and it inspired me to go to a veg Indian place today onour vacation.