Friday, May 25, 2012

Pecan Street Festival

Every May (and September), Austin holds its Pecan Street Festival downtown. 6th Street (which used to be called Pecan Street, hence the name of the festival) is closed to traffic and filled with artists' booths.  

Before heading downtown, we ate lunch at the wonderful Curry in Hurry. Yes, that is the correct name. Maybe they were in such a hurry, they left out the "a"? It doesn't matter. The food is awesome. In my opinion, it's the best Indian food in Austin. Curry in Hurry (fun to say, fun to type) is located in an unassuming little strip mall, next to an Indian grocer and a BBQ place. You go in and point to what you want, or you can get a daily special plate that includes a little bit of almost everything.

Clockwise from top: excellent chickpeas in a tomato sauce...spring roll...tamarind dipping sauce...awesome curry with green beans, peppers, and chunks of paneer cheese...bread...the best vegetable rice...square of fudge. This pic is making me hungry for this plate of food all over again.

I selected this basil seed drink from the cooler, unsure what to expect. Imagine you are drinking a glass of honey with tiny seeds in it. The honey is ever so slightly watered down...but not much. That's how thick and viscous this stuff was. I guess it's an acquired taste. Basil seeds are supposed to aid digestion and help you feel full, similar to chia seeds I guess. Whatever. We passed it around and tried to finish it, but did not succeed.

Off to the festival! We took the commuter train downtown. This was Jackson and Olivia's first time riding the train. Mine, too.

Jackson lives for trains. He wants to ride the train everywhere now. I had to explain to him that it only goes downtown. Not to the supermarket or the playground. Although, that would be nice.

I was impressed with the train. It was clean and comfortable. For all of us, the total cost to ride was $4 round-trip. Good luck finding parking downtown for that cheap. And of course you're also saving gas and wear on your car.

The festival was packed!

It always feels strange to be on 6th St. during the daytime. So wholesome!

Well, you get the idea. We only stayed about an hour because it was hot and Jackson kept asking to ride the train again.

I went grocery shopping after we got home. Never grocery shop when you're hungry. If you do, this ends up looking like a great dinner idea.

All the food groups represented...oh, wait. 

Have a great weekend!

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  1. how fun! I LOVE street fairs! thanks for sharing!