Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bird Feathers

Jackson has become a collector of bird feathers. I made him a little bird that he can tape them on. Then he counts the feathers. He is up to twelve now. Poor, featherless birds! We have too many stray cats in our neighborhood.
For dinner last night I made Sweet Potato Falafels. I didn't care for them. They were dense and flavorless. I will stick to regular, chickpea falafels from now on. least I tried something new.

We ate them in pita halves, with various toppings: baba ganoush, red onion, cherry tomatoes, hummus, and thinly sliced summer squash. I've been making a lot of baba ganoush since we joined the CSA. We've gotten eggplant in every box, and Tony doesn't like eggplant in any other form.

Leftovers for lunch: falafels on ciabatta bread with Veganaise, sriracha, and red onion. Not much improvement the second day. Oh well.

By the way, I want to thank my readers for bearing with me during this time of crappy phone camera pics. My camera got broken on our trip to the Children's Museum. We decided that it is time to upgrade to a DSLR, which I'm excited about. But the first one we ordered turned out to be a dud and we had to send it back. So now we are waiting for our refund and then we will shop around some more. In the meantime, my phone is all I have!


  1. Huh! Too bad about the sweet potato falafels, they sounded promising.
    I love eggplant in most forms but I especially love baba ganoush!

  2. It's too bad they didn't turn out well, but you've still inspired me. I've recently become partly responsible for helping to feed a picky, omni 6-year-old and I find that anything with a DIY component, like burritos or personal pizzas, goes over pretty well. Falafel would be a fun one!