Monday, July 26, 2010

I love you, tempeh BLT

I have a ridiculous addiction to the BLT sandwich. Some might call it a rut, but I don’t feel bad about eating the same thing practically every day for lunch when it’s something I LOVE.

What’s also kinda ridiculous is how specific I am in making it. The bread must be Pepperidge Farms rye/pumpernickel swirl. I am in love with this bread. There must be Veganaise. There must be romaine lettuce and tomato slices. Until recently, there must be Morningstar Farms fake bacon.

I had tried my hand before at making my own bacon from tempeh, but the slices were too thick. They overpowered the other components of the sandwich. And that is no good. I want balance in my BLT. But the less attached we are to processed foods (even the vegan kind) the better, right? I guess. So I tried again, using the Vegan Brunch recipe.

I cut the tempeh widthwise, using a serrated knife to get VERY thin slices. I got about 30 slices from my block of tempeh. I soaked ‘em in the marinade and after an hour, sautéed them in a little coconut oil in 2 batches.

My BLT addiction has just gotten even worse.

And my son now shares my sickness.

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