Friday, November 6, 2015

Rounders, Our New Favorite Pizza

The other day, Olivia and I celebrated her BFF Halley's birthday with a Book of Life-themed party. If you have seen the film, you know it is absolutely gorgeous, filled with dreamy Dia de los Muertos imagery. The face painter at the party really did the movie justice, painting all the little girls as beautiful muertas!

Afterwards, we met up with Jackson and Tony and had dinner at our new favorite pizza place, Rounders. I think it's just as good as Home Slice, but without the long wait. Plus, patio seating. 

The pizza is awesome, and so is the Greek salad, plus it comes with free garlic knots.

Then it was home and time for a bit of homework and reading practice. Look at what Jackson brought home from the library. This is a children's graphic novel! (Fortunately not too graphic, haha!)

After homework, he was on to more important things, like circling items in the Target Christmas catalog. When I was a kid, it was the Sears catalog. Wishlist making is serious business!

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