Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pumpkin Carving

This was our drive to school this morning. Nature wears its very best colors this time of year.

Although Halloween is past, I have to post pics of Jackson and Olivia's jack-o-lanterns. They had an early release from school one afternoon last week, so we grabbed a couple of pumpkins at the store and got to carving. Such intense concentration!

Jackson always goes for abstract shapes.

Olivia's has long eyelashes!

While the kids proudly set their pumpkins out on the porch, I made dinner. Cashew cheeze enchiladas topped with black olives and broccoli.

I also made a pot of black bean soup, using the Peas and Thank You recipe, for Tony to take to a work potluck.


  1. Lovely colors in the sky there! Cute Pumpkin Carving, too! And the 'eats' OMG! YUM!

  2. That first picture is absolutely gorgeous! Love the Jack o lanterns too!