Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Soccer Madness

This fall, Jackson and Olivia are both playing soccer. This means practice four nights a week, and two games every Saturday. It is a lifestyle.

While watching Jackson practice, Olivia and her friends got into the water jug and did some impromptu hairstyling. It was 90 degrees so I figured, that's one way to keep cool.

I am all about trying to get as much protein and veggies into these kids as possible. Their little bodies work very hard. For dinner I made a couple of recipes from Teff Love that complimented each other well. Ye'shimbra Duket Kita (savory chickpea flour pancakes) and Ye'tofu enkulal firfir (spicy tofu scramble.) I doused the whole thing with hot sauce and it was delicious.

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