Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Little Gardeners

I am so in love with my kids' school. Some hardworking parents and community members turned the central courtyard into a garden a few years back. This year I am participating in the garden club. Each week some other parents and myself take groups of students out to the garden to learn about where our food comes from and get our hands dirty. The children get to taste the vegetables that they grow themselves, and the rest is sold at a weekly farmer's market. It is a pretty wonderful program. I know very little about gardening, but I am happy to help focus the kids while the more knowledgeable mamas provide instruction. This week we learned about the seasons, and the kids planted seeds for radish, carrots, and other seasonal veggies.

Speaking of seasonal veggies, I picked up some delicata squash. As far as squash rankings, because yes, I am the kind of person who ranks my favorite types of squash, I like it less than acorn or butternut, but more than kabocha. I roasted it along with some broccoli and served it with the Lentil Pumpkin Seed Pie from Plant-Powered Families. I subbed chopped hazelnuts for the pumpkin seeds though, because that's what I had on hand. The pie has a good hearty flavor, almost like a veggie meatloaf. We spooned some lemon tahini sauce over everything.

We received some rainbow Doritos in the mail for making a donation to the It Gets Better Project

People who wear sunglasses indoors fall into three categories: creepy, hung over, and my daughter.

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