Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hot in Here

Our air conditioning stopped working about three weeks ago and we have been going back and forth with our home warranty company trying to get it repaired. It's not too unbearable or anything, since it's only early May and temps are still in the 70's-80's. It is just getting a bit tiresome and hopefully will be resolved soon. In the meantime, feet emerging from the attic has become such a common sight that it no longer startles Monster.

He spends a lot of the day pressing himself on the cool tiles and drinking ice water.

We have been spending more time than usual out of the house, taking advantage of the free air conditioning in restaurants and other place. One afternoon we tried a Chinese restaurant near our house, Inchin's Bamboo Garden. I am usually super wary of Chinese restaurants. Having worked in one, I know that they like to toss meat into everything, even the tofu and vegetable dishes. But, Inchin's actually advertises itself as "Pan-Asian," and I heard from a friend that they have a secret vegan menu. The multitude of sauces that greeted us at our table seemed like a good sign as well.

The vegan menu was indeed brought to me on request, and it was extensive! I started with the veggie spring rolls.

The vegetable Singapore noodles were spicy and filling, just what I wanted. I had fun trying out all the different chile sauces until my mouth was on fire. I have been craving hot foods lately -- either I'm pregnant (haha, no) or my body is trying to deal with the absence of AC by making me sweat!

The service was friendly and it was a nice calm environment, not too loud. Now I want to go back to Inchin's like ten more times and try out everything else on the vegan menu! 

After lunch we ran a few errands, and before heading back to our stuffy house, we decided to hit TCBY. I went with my usual, Silk chocolate almond.

The kids love citrus sorbet, normally they want orange but this time they branched out and had the red grapefruit. Yum!

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  1. It’s too bad that it has taken that long before the AC got repaired. I hope that whatever fix it needed did the trick, and that you don’t have to call the repairman any time soon. Anyway, it’s nice that you found ways to beat the heat while your AC was being repaired. Have a good day!

    Randall Rogers @ R.J. Mechanical