Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Blast Off

Today we daytripped to New Braunfels to visit their children's museum. They've redone the astronaut section and made it even cooler.

You can strap yourself into an astronaut sleeping station.

You can have a seat on the, um, space toilet.

You can also walk through a funhouse-style tunnel that simulates going into space. Blast off!

Jackson and Olivia also did a little doctoring.

And a little painting.

And of course some posing.

We hit a traffic snarl on the way home, so we stopped for almond milk frozen yogurt from TCBY.

Dinner was Lentil-Walnut Loaf from Oh She Glows. Apples and raisins give it a festive, Thanksgiving-stuffing vibe. I dug it. My family did not. More for me!


  1. Did you guys like the almond fro yogurt? My kids got it once and then the store ran out for months and I'm not sure if they ever got it back - I need to check. Fun day - every time we go to the children's museum my kids have so much fun I wonder why we even bother having toys at home - they like the ones there so much more.

    1. The kids really like it and so do I. But then almond milk is my preferred milk. As for the children's museum, with my kids it's not so much the toys, but having kids to play with besides each other. They need a break from each other, haha :)