Monday, August 22, 2011

Jackson Turns 3!

When I showed Jackson a photo of him as a baby, he said, "I was small! I'm a big guy now!"

I would have to agree with that!

But he is still my same sweet boy.  Always wide-eyed and smiling, always ready to leap right into whatever adventures the world offers him. I hope that never, ever changes.
He had an awesome birthday. His grandma and aunt drove down to celebrate with him.  We had Mexican food for lunch, his favorite, then we did presents and cake at home.

He got a new backpack for school, which he will be starting in just a couple of weeks.

He and sissy are both crazy about this inflatable firetruck.

The train set seems to be his favorite present. He might love trains more than he loves firetrucks, which is saying a lot.

We ordered a delicious vegan cake from Mr. Natural, complete with firetruck of course!


Happy birthday, sweet boy.  We hope your third year is your best one yet!


  1. Happy birthday Jackson!! Love the cake!

  2. How nice that you can order a vegan cake! We don't live near anything like that so ours are always homemade - tasty, but decorated poorly. Jackson's is super cute!