Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bouncing Babies

Today I took Jackson and Olivia to a bounce house with our play group. If you don't have kids, a bounce house is a warehouse filled with giant inflatable bouncy structures that they can climb and jump on until they reach a state of delirious exhaustion. It's kind of the best thing ever, especially if you're under 10.

Jackson could barely contain himself while I paid at the counter. Then he ran over and tried to start climbing with his shoes still on. Everyone has to wear socks in the play area. Finally I got his shoes off and let him go.

There were six or seven different inflatables. One was a shark, one was an obstacle course. And then there was the big scary slide.  Of course Jackson made a beeline for the slide.

He scampered up the ladder like it was no big deal, and flung himself down the slide.

Over and over. Notice the sweaty sheen in this pic. Dude wore himself out.

Olivia was tentative at first. There was a play area for the smaller kids, with inflatable shapes for them to sit on or roll around, and she hung out there with the other toddlers until she felt more confident. I think the air pumps attached to the inflatables scared her because they are kinda loud.

After awhile she relaxed and she was feeling more brave.

That's my girl!

It's interesting to me how Jackson and Olivia take such different approaches to new activities. J dives right in, while Miss O has to scope things out first.  They both had fun in their own way. I know we'll be back soon. All I have to say is "bouncy house!" and their eyes light up.

On to the food!

In my college town, there was a Greek restaurant that mainly served gyros. You could smell this restaurant from a couple blocks away in any direction. It was a pretty unpleasant smell, to my vegetarian nostrils at least. Needless to say, I never tried a gyro, or had any inclination to. That is, until I browsed through my copy of American Vegan Kitchen and saw the recipe for Greek Town Gyros with Tzatzika Sauce.
Yep, vegan gyros. Totally lamb-free, totally awesome.
The seitan gyro "meat" takes quite a bit of preparation. You have to steam the seitan, marinate it, then thinly (thinly!!!) slice it and saute it before stuffing it into pitas and pouring on the creamy tzatzika sauce. But, it makes a lot, so you can eat leftovers for a couple days. I think that makes it worth it.
The end result also makes it worth it.
Anyone who thinks vegans are underfed and deprived needs to watch me wolf down of these gyros. I suggest making a double batch of the tzatzika sauce. It won't go to waste. If you have any left over, eat it on a salad.
Have you ever made a vegan version of something you never ate in its traditional meaty form? How was it?


  1. Oh my gosh that sandwich is massive! It looks so good! I rarely have the patience for seitan anymore though so I'll just imagine watching you eat one, ha!

  2. OMG! Gyros was always a favorite meal of mine. Thank you for finding and sharing the info.!