Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mango Smoothie and Broccoli Dal

Today I remembered to take pics of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Wooo!

For breakfast, I had a mango smoothie. To me, it's like a mango lassi served in Indian restaurants, but I don't want all that sugar when I just woke up, so I use stevia to sweeten it. Do you use stevia? It's my favorite way to sweeten smoothies, oatmeal, or tea.

Mango Smoothie
(makes 2 small servings or 1 large)
2 cups frozen mango cubes
1 1/4 cups soymilk
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1/4 tsp. ground cardamom
10 drops stevia or to taste
Mix in a blender until smooth and creamy.

For lunch I had a multigrain bagel with avocado, hummus, and tomato.

For dinner I made the creamy broccoli dal from Vegan Yum Yum. Very easy and fast to put together. I sliced my broccoli stalks thinly but left the florets on the bigger side, so the soup would have a lot of texture to it. I love broccoli.

And to make this post a tad more interesting, I offer a picture of my cookbook collection. I don't have room for a bookshelf in my kitchen, so I store them vertically in cabinets next to my stove. Works for me! Anyone else have an odd way of storing their cookbooks? Which is your favorite?


  1. I store my cookbooks in a cupboard, not exactly strange, but it keeps them organized and out of sight.

  2. I would love a Mango smoothie right now. No Mangoes though :(
    My cook books are stored in a little cupboard above my fridge.Not strange at all.

  3. I found a new way to sweeten my tea: I drop in some dried mulberries, that might seem a ittle odd, but I just love it.
    I just discovered those and I definitely love them.
    Wow! I own like ten cookbooks and half of them aren't even vegan! Unfortunately it is very hard to find good vegan cookbooks in Germany.

  4. I only wish I had a decent way of storing my cookbooks. I see you have several newer versions of ones that I bought probably the year they were published. My cookbooks tend to be cracked at the seams if not actually in pieces, spattered with food, and in a generally un-displayable state. I rotate them up and down from the basement stacks to a (closed) cupboard over the stove...I see the cupboard thing is not exactly original...

  5. You have an impressive cookbook collection! :) My kitchen is so small I currently store my cookbooks in our bookshelf in the livingroom - a little unpractical, but it'll do until we move to a bigger place (hopefully soon!). Unfortunately, we both are real bookworms, so the (huge) livingroom bookshelf is filled to the brim as well, not to mention all the books we are currently storing at our parents' places...

  6. I want that mango smoothie!!! I'm not a big fan of stevia, so I usually use dates. It works out well because dates are a happening crop over here.

  7. I use stevia every day. I love it in my coffee and to sweeten my oatmeal in the morning.

    Right now I have about 10 or 12 cookbooks just stacked on top of my fridge. It looks a mess, but at least they're easy for me to get to!