Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Boo-berry Creeps

Sorry dudes, I know that is one terrible pun. But, since I left the Halloweenie-themed foods to the experts like Robin, I had to attempt to make my completely innocuous Halloween brunch sound at least a little spooky. And even though the most ghoulish thing about them is the scary blue stains they leave on your teeth, the cashew-filled crepes with blueberry sauce from Vegan Brunch were a perfect start to the day.

Behold the crepes...of doooooom.

Not too frightening? That's good. You should've seen the first couple crepes that went in the trash dog's bowl, though. Yikes.

I made these with whole wheat pastry flour, and there's really no t a lot of sugar in the whole recipe. Plus you get a fair amount of protein from the cashews, which are ground into a creamy ricotta-type filling.

My biggest tip for crepe-making would be this: don't even think about flipping that crepe until it is sliding around in the (nonstick!) pan of its own free will when you tilt the pan. If you try to get your spatula under it before it's moving around freely, it's gonna tear. And then your ravenous Boston terrier will be happy, but you will be sad and crepeless.

Nobody wants that, least of all this little pumpkin and her tiger cub buddy.


  1. I love this creep recipe, and you are right about the sliding thing, but once you've got that down they're pretty easy. That's also a nice way to present creeps on a plate;-)

    The pumpkin and tiger cub are too cute!

  2. Those crepes look so great. I'll bet they'd be good w/some Sour Supreme.

    Agree, w/Zoa, the Pumpkin & Tiger Cub are precious.

  3. The crepes look great. I always have problems with flipping them - but since I don't have a dog at the moment, we usually end up eating the ugly ones as well (pathetic, I know ;)).

    I have to agree with the previous comments, your pumpkin and tiger look adorable!

  4. Those crepes look delicious! And so much adorable with those costumes!!!

  5. Yummy crepes! I haven't made any in a long time... you have inpired me to give it a go.

  6. Your crepes look delicious... I might just have to get a crepe pan and try my hand at them.
    And your little ones look darling!

  7. Oh my god! Your kids are adorable!! <3
    That looks soooo good! You did do a great job, you know ;)

  8. Thanks for the tip about crepes and their free will. I've never quite gotten up the nerve to try crepes, but, when I do, I'm glad to go in armed with that info!

  9. Oh, yum, I love crepes. Fun pictures!